Understanding Fujifilm X-H2S versus X-H2

Fujifilm USA

Fujifilm USA

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SHOP X-H2S: 🤍bit.ly/43Mrpdy SHOP X-H2: 🤍bit.ly/3NADjBo Michael explains the big and small differences between these two Fujifilm mirrorless cameras released 3 months apart from each other, both built on the same magnesium alloy body. Recorded with Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless camera and Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R lens. Light by Fotodiox 36inch SkyFiller Prizma Pro panel.

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Understanding Fujifilm X-H2S versus X-H2
Understanding Fujifilm X-H2S versus X-H2
Understanding Fujifilm X-H2S versus X-H2
Understanding Fujifilm X-H2S versus X-H2
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2023-11-03 02:38:40

Video starts at UcyfhpqtwdU&t=2m45s 2:45

2023-10-15 23:39:53

XH2s is for shooting moving objects and XH2 is for shooting still objects🤔

2023-10-15 16:19:45

Man said, “first take” 😂

2023-07-16 16:51:33

I still can’t make my mind up!

2023-06-11 22:06:45

It seems like the 40MP sensor, while impressive, really captures the attention of pixel peepers, but the overall performance of the stacked 26MP really outshines it in many ways.

2023-06-11 20:59:54

Does the XH2 produce a higher-res JPEG than the XH2S?

2023-05-15 18:46:30

Let me know you suggest me Fujifilm x-h2 or x-h2s which one is better for photography only? No video.

2023-02-24 10:22:46

1/180,000 Shutter speed would be perfect to capture Alien UFOs...!

2023-02-12 16:13:54

Can the X-H2 be set to mechanical shutter only @ video mode?

2023-01-26 02:09:57

UcyfhpqtwdU&t=9m42s 9:42 ah yes having a less rectangular capture works better than a rectangular capture. just 'avin a laugh, great presentation!

2023-01-11 01:28:43

I'll summarize this down, if your main focus is taking pictures get the X-H2 with very little importance on video now if your focus is videography get the X-H2S and your welcome

2023-01-09 10:55:54

Realistically speaking, the resolution difference between. 26 megapixels and 40 is merely just above 25 percent, so 5 pixels in place of every 4 on the lower pixel count sensor… very little difference in the final image result. Even though 40 compared to 26 is a 50 percent gain in total, the square nature of the sensor and pixel-count, is the background behind the statement “25 percent more resolution” being approx true

2022-12-25 16:33:52

You guys must be out of your effing mind to have guts to set $200 price on a $20 cooling fan. I wonder if you markup your cameras the same way? So they really should cost $200 and not $2000?

2022-12-24 09:11:00

Excellent presentation in a professional format. Thank you!

2022-12-08 19:45:40

I don't want to sell my 3yr old Fuji primes for the newer ones. So have you used any older lenes and seen a big difference vs the newer lens of the same focal length?

2022-12-08 05:39:24

Is there ANY CHANCE 60fps will be unlocked in 3:2 open gate on the xh2s?

2022-11-17 14:40:13

Very helpful - thank you!

2022-11-12 08:32:45

Thank you for the info you gave us. Which is better in LOW-LIGHT situations, sir? H2S vs H2 ? (presumably it would be the H2S, with the stacked BSI sensor as it captures more light/information to be processed afterwards for computing in post-processing versus the great extended electronic shutter on H2 and native ISO, is it right?), i want to read your expert's opinion. Thank you, again!

2022-11-03 13:43:07

Both cameras sound great. But unfortunately, for me, I do not want to be forced into a flippy flappy side hinged screen whether for photography or filming. The tilt screen is way way better for everything apart from filming yourself, which in many years of shooting weddings I’ve never found myself doing.

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