STREET PHOTOGRAPHY camera settings & tips... Street to the surf & beyond with the Fujifilm X-H2S

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Join me for a walk around the city capturing street photos, exploring street art and plenty more with the Fujifilm X-H2S. This video is kindly sponsored by Fujifilm Australia. My thoughts on the Fujifilm X-H2S : 🤍 Try LR / Photoshop for FREE : 🤍 Check out our MERCH : 🤍 Featured in this video 📷 Fujifilm X-H2S : 🤍 Lens XF16mmF1.4 R WR : 🤍 Lens XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR : 🤍 Thank you for watching, please like and subscribe 👍 Socials Instagram - 🤍🤍 Facebook - 🤍🤍 TikTok : 🤍🤍🤍photo_genius_brisbane Website - 🤍 Affiliate links Some links may be affiliate links, this means if you should make a purchases we get a small commission (at absolutely no cost to you) which supports our channel. Thank You 🙂 About Photo Genius Photo Genius was set up in 2008 by photographer Paul Farris to help others improve their photography with weekly photography courses and workshops held in Brisbane, Australia. In 2016 Paul began also creating content and video tutorials for YouTube, the Photo Genius channel now has now had over 21 Million views and is growing daily. For more info on Photo Genius and our courses please visit our website 🤍 About this video After a few weeks of testing and shooting with the excellent Fujifilm X-H2S, I want to share a selection of image, starting with street photography as I explore Brisbane in search of Street art during the annual the Brisbane Street Art Festival. I also include shots from the beach, motocross and more.... enjoy the video and thanks for watching. #streetphotography #fujifilm #photography

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STREET PHOTOGRAPHY camera settings & tips... Street to the surf & beyond with the Fujifilm X-H2S
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY camera settings & tips... Street to the surf & beyond with the Fujifilm X-H2S
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY camera settings & tips... Street to the surf & beyond with the Fujifilm X-H2S
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY camera settings & tips... Street to the surf & beyond with the Fujifilm X-H2S
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2023-06-10 14:20:04

What a great videos you make. You inspired me to go out and do some photography. My camera is not as good as yours but I’ll do my best.

2023-06-07 11:43:50

Paul - thank you.

2023-06-07 00:29:26

Thanks for the video Paul-Amazing photos-congratulations on the sponsor-I really appreciate the work you do for all of us to enjoy!👍

2023-06-06 21:33:16

Another Great and informative video 📹 👍 📸📸📸👌👌👌👍👍👍

2023-06-06 20:58:38

Thank you Paul, as always sensible advice on a very broad subject. Remember street photography come in a range of subject formats and that “Beauty is in the eyes of beholder”

2023-06-06 11:11:22

This was great! So much insight! thank you for sharing!

2023-06-06 04:23:51

I LOVE the street art! That was amazing, thanks for sharing Paul

2023-06-05 22:30:10

thanks for this video Paul, thanks for the tips and sharing your settings. I am into street photography too......can you also have video of using external flash for portraits and indoors photography? thanks

2023-06-05 16:09:31

Hi Paul, another interesting and informative video, thanks again for sharing.

2023-06-05 15:25:46

Hello Paul,
Thank you for posting this video. The information that you provided for how you "got the shot" is such a great help to me for this type of photography. You have inspired me to give Street photography a try in my local city & I thank you for that. So glad that I am a subscriber to your very informative channel. Tom, USA...

2023-06-05 12:39:38

Another informative video. Thank you very much. Do the Canon cameras have the vintage photo apps?

2023-06-05 12:27:40

I have never really done street photography, only on lanimer day which is like a large gala day with floats and people dressing up your images are brilliant!

2023-06-05 03:47:04

Those were some fantastic pictures!

2023-06-05 01:40:56

As always Paul, great info and photography.

2023-06-04 21:21:29

A busy city is better for street photography. I feel that I stand out too much a smaller, quieter place and worry that somebody will be abusive.

Can you please do a video about street photography using a smart phone as these don't draw anywhere near as much attention to you as a standard camera?

2023-06-04 19:15:16

Another video which is very useful 👍👌

2023-06-04 17:46:38

I’m not so sure you took those action shots In aperture mode only?

2023-06-04 17:15:30

Hi Paul, great video on Street Photography. Thanks for sharing. I do have a question ... Is the fifty-fifty lens a good lens to use for 'street photography'? 📷🤔

2023-06-04 16:39:07

Thanks so much for sharing another wonderful video like always Paul, keep up with the awesome content 👌👍🤗

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