Happy Birthday Fujifilm X-H2S! One year review of the X-H2S

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Happy birthday to the Fujifilm X-H2S! I’ve created over 19,000 photos with this camera since July 7, 2022, and it has become my favorite camera. The X-H2S has improved so many parts of the photography experience from previous X-Series cameras, and retains the amazing image quality of those previous generation cameras. Please share your experiences with the X-H2S and questions in the comments below. 00:00 Intro 00:46 Current State of Camera Sensor Tech 03:47 Look and Feel and Controls 04:21 Size and Weight 05:02 Control Dials vs. Classic Controls 06:51 Autofocus 10:09 In-Body Image Stabilization 11:38 Battery Life 12:36 Image Quality and Example Images 16:10 High ISO 17:43 Video 18:37 Firmware Updates and Requests 22:33 Conclusion PHOTOGRAPHY COACHING Learn all you need to create the photos you want! The first 30-minute session is FREE. Learn more and book your FREE first session here -🤍msladekphoto.com/photography-coaching SOCIAL MEDIA 🤍🤍instagram.com/msladekphoto/ 🤍vero.co/msladekphoto

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Happy Birthday Fujifilm X-H2S! One year review of the X-H2S
Happy Birthday Fujifilm X-H2S! One year review of the X-H2S
Happy Birthday Fujifilm X-H2S! One year review of the X-H2S
Happy Birthday Fujifilm X-H2S! One year review of the X-H2S
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2023-09-27 07:25:36

Hi, very good comment and thoughts…I fully agree on everything. I actually have got a question for you: as a second body… which you would consider ? H2….? XT-5 ? or the latest X-20 ? which of the three could be consider the best companion for the H2-S ? thx

2023-08-17 08:37:57

Hi Michael. Thx for sharing as i'm just asking myself if i'll breack the bank to buy the xh2s. One features you don't mention is the electronic shutter with 1/160s rolling shutter. that is great to shoot in concert/show where you need to be silent, plus, no stress with banding happening with some artificial lightings.

2023-07-19 18:18:40

Reliable tracking of a face, when there are others around: a really important feature. Very annoying, that this doesn't work, no matter what AF C option selected.
Good video!
I am having a lot of overheating problems in the summer with direct sunlight, even if the camera isn't used at all for quite a time. Only shooting stills.

2023-07-18 23:08:21

The X-H2 does have pixel shift already.

2023-07-09 23:11:00

'promo sm' 💕

2023-06-26 05:13:16

An excellent camera.

2023-06-24 17:03:43

Did I miss the spoiler?

2023-06-24 13:15:10

Great overview of this camera, Michael. It'll be hard to sell the X-H2s, especially because I know Fuji's going to continue to put some work into this amazing machine! You rocked this video!

2023-06-23 22:18:37

thanks for your very good long-term review.
What about overheating?

2023-06-22 16:44:43

Love this camera. It is SO good

2023-06-21 19:20:50

Thanks Michael for this Happy B'Day X-H2s review! It's nice to be able to compare it with my experiences with the X-H2.
Quickly, the 40mp difference can get expensive and slightly time-consuming; from file transfer to programs loading for editing.
For 'stick-to-one-object' in firmware, great suggestion! It would be nice to touch the screen or half-press the shutter button with the AF on desired subject. I also need this when shooting animals when I only want one of them to be tracked.
Since I use film recipes, it would also be nice to simply replace some of the native ones with user-defined ones without having to 'burn up' a custom position. That way we could use the recipe in any given situation and shooting mode. (Of course a RESET would restore the original ones).

Coming from the X-S10, I'm looking forward to the X-S20. I like the X-H2 but it still is just a bit larger and heavier. The X-S10 fits in big pockets and small camera 'pouches'. Not so with the X-H2.
I'm amazed at what firmware updates did for AF on the X-H2(s) but, like you, many are hoping that the AF for the X-S20 comes to the other new cameras.

Again, thanks for your very good long-term review:)

2023-06-21 16:07:06

nice review dude!

2023-06-21 15:38:59

Good to see you Michael. Excellent long term “actual user” review. Here’s my long term review of my X-T4, it’s great😂, the one thing that’s very frustrating is auto focus accuracy, as an example, this morning I was trying to focus on a dragonfly (on a stick with nothing in the background) and it just wouldn't do it, I have to first focus on something larger at about the same distance and then it will pick up on my “intended” target, if the dragonfly is on the ground, the focusing is very fast and accurate, it’s a good thing that I’m doing this for fun, if I was doing it professionally I would probably go for a different brand, I don’t want to buy an X-T5 (or an X-H something) just to find out that it has the same issue and have to return it. Be well and stay safe.

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