FX30 vs XH2S - Why Sony needs to watch out for Fujifilm...

Victor Laforteza

Victor Laforteza

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FX30 vs XH2S - Why Sony needs to watch out for Fujifilm...
FX30 vs XH2S - Why Sony needs to watch out for Fujifilm...
FX30 vs XH2S - Why Sony needs to watch out for Fujifilm...
FX30 vs XH2S - Why Sony needs to watch out for Fujifilm...
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2023-10-27 10:42:44

definitely consider comparing S Cinetone to the Eternal profile in the X-H2s. I think it will capture more dynamic range. Colours are flatter and there is definitely less contrast so it can be graded,

2023-10-16 01:11:07

Classic Chrome is really not for video.

2023-09-29 12:14:29

9-EG6PtDgCo&t=3m40s 3:40 That would be the Eterna film simulation. Low contrast and low saturation (you can add both if you prefer) and has the best dynamic range straight out of the camera.

2023-09-22 17:45:21

Another big factor the fuji has over that Sony is there is not crop when filming raw externally. So fuji gives you the choice of Blackmagic raw or prores raw + 6.2k open gate while the Sony has this huge crop in on the sensor then reduces the quality a lot and only has prores raw. Not to mention its a great stills camera.

2023-09-10 21:23:55

when it comes to codecs & bit rates, i like having all the options .

2023-09-07 04:31:29

Awesome comparison! Both have strengths and weakness, but I'm a little bias towards FUJIFILM (X-H1 owner). But as an owner of both Sony a7s (previously; a57, a77) & FUJIFILM XH1, I can agree with your comments on noise grain, color difference with magenta vs FUJI's green (love it!) ... just one thing, about the Classic Chrome did you raised the shadows in the video settings. I made a video on how to get amazing SOOC colors using the Classic Chrome Film Simulation (X-H1). And I have found to have increased the shadow range over the default settings of CC.
Thanks again for sharing your results. Cheers

2023-08-18 11:51:45


2023-08-17 14:34:22

Thank you for this great review! I'm not sure if you had the opportunity to test the Lumix S5IIX, but if you did, in terms of quality and video features for run and gun situations, which one would you choose between the Fuji X-H2S and Lumix S5IIX? Cheers

2023-08-12 01:27:56

what was the song at the end?

2023-08-03 21:59:17

Nice video, but why are you comparing s-cinetone to classic chrome? Eterna would be the right profile for your comparison. Keep going, great work ❤

2023-07-24 23:23:31

How does the video stabilisation compare with wide lenses? - especially the IBIS wobble in handheld video with wide lenses, the corner wobble isn't great on the Fuji on say a 13mm Viltrox. How do they compare for walking videos (non static)?

2023-07-17 06:44:09

The stabilisation test on the fuji looked terrible! 😂

2023-07-06 05:44:54

The fuji is better in almost any way and it has MORE dynamic range than fx30.

2023-07-04 11:55:27

Great video. i wonder that how can i text like yours?

2023-06-30 00:53:12

For professional works what’s the highest ISO you’d use the XH2S in flog2?

2023-06-26 04:43:27

i was looking for this video for a looong time!! thank you haha btw classic chrome usally kills all the blacks is to strong but sometimes beautifull

2023-06-17 17:49:42

Few months ago I've asked u bout fuji when was choosing my first camera (my choice was a bit more budget between sony zve10 and fuji xs10). Went for fuji due to its design and film simulations - and haven't regret! Really like it, it lacks 10bit footage (can on hdmi recorder, but it's expensive..) but in other matters it's almost perfect. Actually I haven't learnt to colourgrade yet and may be even in 8bit will manage to at least learn something. Moreover its simulations saved me from grading untill now, so more than happy! My first experience in making both videos and photos on a camera and I'm still learning but it seems enthusiasm in the end is more important than the camera, so I'm sure it's more about your aestethic and preferences and most of modern cameras are suitable for all at least hobby wishes. Thank for your channel!

2023-06-17 01:13:09

I have a few film sims I use for my photography but I've found the eternal and portra recipes I use tend to perform amazing for video depending on the general temp outside, providing super cinematic colours straight out of the box with little to no grading needed

2023-06-14 03:30:21

Hey what’a that outro song?

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