Fujifilm XH2S After 1 Year | Time To Move On?

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

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Fujifilm XH2S After 1 Year | Time To Move On?
Fujifilm XH2S After 1 Year | Time To Move On?
Fujifilm XH2S After 1 Year | Time To Move On?
Fujifilm XH2S After 1 Year | Time To Move On?
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2023-11-20 13:40:16

Your load background music really ruined your video for me

2023-11-03 22:41:30

Loved the jazz backing track! Who was that?

2023-10-06 16:00:58

I think Fujifilm is SO close to a Cine camera with the H2s. I think most all who use it majority as a video camera will jump to a Fujifilm XB2s, a box XH2s that has ND's, waveforms, false colour etc.

2023-10-06 02:05:32

should i just get the Panasonic S5 II? will that have the same DR without the noise? and better low light

2023-10-01 11:10:31

I prefer fuji ibis

Myself i have
had an xh2s for 8 months.

I would like to see face recognition saving. If you could save a face and it stick to it for me the fuji af would be as good as all the best.

I would like to see no crop in 4k120 and the same standard of af in 24 to 120p.

Thats it for me..

Oh and by the way. Please add in face shot footage comparisons of image quality with the canon.. 1080p 4k etc..

2023-09-24 20:41:02

music is too loud !!!!!

2023-09-15 22:12:37

Yes for the softening video

2023-09-15 22:09:33

KplPCULWxnM&t=1m00s 1:00 you could give credits man

2023-08-26 14:11:08

Coming from a SONY FX3 and SONY’s Touch Tracking feature, I think that’s insanely underrated. The ability to touch ur screen and the camera locks onto whatever you touch is incredible. Sometimes I’m filming broll of a sign on a building, objects that aren’t people or animals. I miss that A LOT in my Fujifilm :/

2023-08-21 02:30:51

How it compares against the Z8 taking the price difference in the situation? And against the Panasonic S5IIX?

2023-08-19 06:33:25

im thinking of upgrading from the xt3 for flog2 but heard its got too much noise for realestate videos?

2023-08-03 23:55:27

You look like Chris Jericho circa 1999

2023-07-29 17:26:07

Camera review aside..great editing dude..esp background music of ur intro..reminds me of oceans eleven..

2023-07-25 16:44:15

Would love a video about your go to settings and methods for editing that make your workflow easier. Like an XH2S crash course would be awesome! Keep up the great work you gotta sub from me man!

2023-07-19 03:10:58

background music too loud can't hear you speak

2023-07-18 15:33:59

Amazing review! If fuji give me shutter angle and some anamorphic options I would buy the xh2s right now.

2023-07-10 04:24:39

What are your memory solutions? I'm about to embark on a documentary and only have access to this camera and was wondering how you handled memory, cards, dropping footing, external storage.. ..any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.

2023-07-06 22:45:00

Great review! Lots of good info and love how you broke it all down 👌

2023-07-06 22:24:36

Internal desqueeze preview please!!!!!

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