Fujifilm XH2s 6 Month Review - There's Always a Catch

Roman Fox

Roman Fox

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In this video I share my thoughts on the Fuji XH2s after using it as my main stills and video camera on a daily basis for the last 6 months. Latest Blog (Income) 🤍🤍snapsbyfox.com/blog/my-7-income-streams All Blogs 🤍🤍snapsbyfox.com/blog PRESETS, BOOKS & GUIDES: 🤍🤍snapsbyfox.com/shop NEWSLETTER: 🤍🤍snapsbyfox.com/newsletter FIND ME ON: Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/snapsbyfox Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/snapsbyfox/ TRAVEL CHANNEL: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCPXGQfCbDi_ozocCVoFFSbg WHERE I GET MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS: 🤍share.epidemicsound.com/NbcpZ Epidemic Sound affiliate link - you get a free trial & I get a small % to support me GEAR I USE: Photo Camera: 🤍geni.us/y65Uxd Video Camera: 🤍geni.us/0nQiAl POV / Vlog Camera: 🤍geni.us/z8fbt Travel Zoom Lens: 🤍geni.us/8dL3z Wide Prime: 🤍geni.us/74FIN Medium Prime: 🤍geni.us/Gxubw Telephoto Prime: 🤍geni.us/niz68 Telephoto Zoom: 🤍geni.us/jnDL0oe Ultra Wide Zoom: 🤍geni.us/ohXtZ Computer: 🤍geni.us/MzRAw & 🤍geni.us/3i355m Everyday Bag: 🤍geni.us/uKDyJk2 or 🤍geni.us/69tId Travel Bag: 🤍geni.us/5h5l3YN or 🤍geni.us/iArcP Full list of everything I own: 🤍🤍snapsbyfox.com/my-gear Affiliate links - doesn’t cost you any extra & I get a small % to support me CONTACT ME ON: Email: hello🤍snapsbyfox.com Web: 🤍snapsbyfox.com CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Intro 00:23 - Context 02:00 - Build Quality 03:16 - Ergonomics 03:59 - Usability 09:10 - Image Quality 11:02 - Autofocus 11:38 - Who is it for?

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Fujifilm XH2s 6 Month Review - There's Always a Catch
Fujifilm XH2s 6 Month Review - There's Always a Catch
Fujifilm XH2s 6 Month Review - There's Always a Catch
Fujifilm XH2s 6 Month Review - There's Always a Catch
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2023-10-27 12:24:45

Another great video. Can I ask what strap you use please? It looks great thanks

2023-10-26 14:25:04

Ov0HD48F-04&t=7m53s 7:53 That is insane. I personally don't believe in the 'exposure triangle' as really only shutter speed and aperture affect the amount of light captured, I generally leave ISO to auto and use the exposure compensation if my scene happens to require an overall under or over exposed image. With this I can't? :O

2023-09-27 02:58:23

follower 100,000 about:invalid#zCSafez

2023-09-25 22:06:20


2023-08-31 22:03:31

If I wanted to shoot video, should I spend the extra and get the xh2s? After watching comparison videos I thought it was the same other than nothing being able to have a high shot per second count

2023-08-28 14:17:24

What editing software do you use?

2023-08-27 22:06:12

Fuji has lost its way. The film and camera division is losing money and with Panasonic, Sigma and Leica adpoting the L mount its left Fuji down a blind alley. Fuji cameras and lenses are overpriced and are not supported by the professional photographers community. Why settle for an APSC sensor when you can have full frame and a swag of affordable lenses from Panasonic, Nikon and Canon for less money.

2023-08-26 23:00:04

Hi I really need help with choosing a lens for wedding videos for my fuji xt3 but planning on getting the xh2s I was just going to buy the tamron 17-70mm f/2.8 but im now seeing allot of people saying to get the canon sigma 18 35.
I would much prefer the 1.8 aperature for low light and better depth but does that mean I need to buy a second lens for the longer local length? And have to always be switching between the 2 lenses? I have never done a wedding before. Thank you!

2023-07-31 12:51:46

Does the type of joystick plastic affect the autofocus at midnight? 🙂 Love that comment for describing an "overdetailed" analysis of a camera when the focus should be on photos. Enjoyed that.

2023-07-26 21:56:44

I came here to listen about the kind of plastic the joystick is made of.

2023-07-25 03:42:52

Honestly there is no right or wrong between dslr layout and fuji's slr dials layout, its just down to personal perfernece, if you use slr more, you prefer xt, if you use modern canon/nikon/sony system, you like xh layout, they give you different experience. For dslr layout, you can switch modes easily. But, for fuji dials layout, you will be directly controlling your three key adjustments, aputure, shutter speed, iso, and exposure comp, so you will better understand and have control of your settings, as you can easily combine different modes by swiching "a" on and off, where as for dslr layout you just have to remeber those stupid modes and their letters. So, becasue the setting is like a traditional slr, you take more time to get a shot, and you will try to make it right, wait for the perfect moment, and you will understand how shutter, iso, aputure relates to your shot and their visual effects to your expression. So, for xt's slr layout, you shoot slower, (I can still be really quick as i do full manual all the time), you get to experience how photography really works, and you feel like your actually doing a composition. Ironically, you can even set everything right follow "suning 16 rules" before you turn on xt and just start shooting and get good results without looking evf or viefinder, becasue all settings are adjustable directly from dials and rings, just like a SLR film camera (that's why fuji gets so popular in film community). For xh2s's dslr layout, you can shoot effeciently, but then you are using more like a tool then a part of you, and you are trying to get fast results rather than taking time to get a perfect shot. So there is not right and wrong, and as a cinematographer who uses RED Komodo and Panasonic S1H, I would sell my S1H to xh2s simply for the sensor's video texture and fuji's overall experience, but I still prefer xt line's slr layout as I want to enjoy photographer rather than getting some fast results and get paid for that

2023-07-23 16:25:43

Thanks, so far in my research, I think I might be getting this one. Your review helped.

2023-07-20 15:43:00

Your summary regarding the dynamic range and softness of the image was the most useful out of all the reviews of this camera I have gone through. Many thanks for sharing your take on it.

2023-07-15 15:58:30

Great review! I’m both a videographer and a photographer so this put in perspective if I’m making the right choice on if I’m getting this. I’m 90% sure I will!

2023-07-13 18:10:50

I love fuji x-h2s

2023-07-12 22:50:35

Totally with you on the layout, I initially loved my X-T3 layouts, now I find it gets in the way. I now have an X-S20 and an X-S10 as a secondary camera.

2023-07-12 08:45:36

Nice video Roman; nice pictures(09.42- 09.50). Haha..i own (for about 8 years) a Fuji X-20(so not a XT-20 os XS-20, just the X-20 point and shoot camera).
This is a professional camera in my opinion.

2023-06-27 11:05:57

Nice review! I wonder, can you import your own luts in the camera?

2023-06-21 17:49:04

Wow, the iso being d-pad only is so terrible. I really want this camera but for my uses, that might really frustrate me

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