FUJIFILM X-H2S Promotional Video/ FUJIFILM



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Never miss a decisive moment. Featuring a stunning 5th generation X-Trans CMOS 5 HS sensor and X-Processor 5 in a beautifully designed body, photographers and filmmakers alike can now create at the pace of life and the speed of their imaginations. Camera : 🤍fujifilm-x.com/products/cameras/x-h2s/ Learn more about FUJIFILM X Series & GFX : 🤍fujifilm-x.com #fujifilm #fuji #xh2s

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FUJIFILM X-H2S Promotional Video/ FUJIFILM
FUJIFILM X-H2S Promotional Video/ FUJIFILM
FUJIFILM X-H2S Promotional Video/ FUJIFILM
FUJIFILM X-H2S Promotional Video/ FUJIFILM
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2022-12-18 13:53:24


2022-10-25 08:42:54

I wish i can upgrade from my xh1 to this one. But.. Haven't able to afford it

2022-07-28 07:57:40


2022-07-15 13:41:13

this advertisement video is not very good, started fine but what's the rollback of the same footage and what's the message, it seems amateur

2022-07-03 18:55:36

Davon hat wohl niemand etwas, schon garnicht ein neuer Käufer eurer Kamera.

2022-06-08 17:11:15

When is the new x100 coming out?

2022-06-03 11:38:38

Since de X-H2S has only an S in front of the camera, the X-H2 should have nothing?

2022-06-02 19:01:35

Not impressed. The xT4 seems to be the same if not better. Fujifilm has peaked .

2022-06-02 05:09:38

Its definitely impressive but is the $2500 USD price going to push those to might as well go to Full Frame?

2022-06-02 04:52:18


2022-06-01 14:53:38

FUJI needs to seriously update their very dated retro marketing! Their cameras deserve better!

2022-06-01 14:51:40


2022-06-01 14:48:44

I love Fujifilm cameras and XH-1 was my favorite hybrid camera of the past several years, but I am disappointed to see the change / removal of dials on top of this camera... most notably the shutter dial.

2022-06-01 10:01:17

man, i'm gonna sell my a7s3 to get this big boi

2022-06-01 09:02:33

Where’s x-t5 and x-t40??

2022-06-01 07:57:47

Video like a Tekken 3 Intro :)

2022-06-01 07:54:42

This is your official video for such a high profile launch? 😳

2022-06-01 04:46:16

I was expecting a product with a color depth of 12 bits.

2022-06-01 01:57:33

A promotional video that seems to feature gopro and drone shots..lol

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